Quickly Solving Critical and
Costly Healthcare Problems.

The expertise and digital solutions needed to foster collaborative problem solving and bring immediate action to address, optimize, scale, and implement innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

Our team of forward-thinkers, well known in the Telehealth field, identifies and fills gaps in the healthcare market by creating cutting-edge digital healthcare solutions using both developed and mature applications and new code. 

Without DHI

  • Superficial ideas that are not
    enough to make a difference.
  • Projects that don’t have the ideal
    tools to obtain success.
  • Inexperience in the niche market,
    and difficulty to find and hire an
    expert team.
  • Expensive and long startup time.

With DHI

  • Consulting services with smart ideas,
    expertise, and intelligent strategies to move
    telehealth forward.
  • All aspects of Telehealth to make the
    organization evolve: law, workflow,
    telebehavioral health, and technology.
  • A forward-thinking team, well known in the
    telehealth field, with a combined 50+ years
    of telehealth experience.
  • Mature Software Code for Clinical
    Operations & Telehealth Platforms, with
    150+ features and microservices.

DHI dramatically increases the likelihood of success in the
telehealth market and reduces startup costs and risk by
beginning with:

  • Market-ready
  • Adaptable telehealth software(used by clinical and operational teams)
  • Experts in setting up and delivering telehealth services
  • Experts in the niche telehealth market. 

Talk to us today and discover a whole new world of telehealth opportunities.

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